Dillon Park 

35-3-06    Original GUO ordinance for Dillon Park (45.65 ac)

96-11-06  Text amendment to permit a stealth wireless telecommunications facility 

Federal Hill Commons

34-06-15  Text amendment to allow a reduced parking lot setback 

52-10-15  Text amendment to permit fill in the floodplain  

Finch Creek Park 

47-10-09   Original GUO ordinance (184.63 acres)

48-11-13  GUO ordinance amendment 

Fox Prairie 

37-08-12   Original GUO ordinance

Morse Beach Park 

50-7-03     Original GUO ordinance  (12.5 acres)

Noblesville Soccer Club 

24-06-02    Original GUO ordinance 

Potters Bridge Park 

38-5-03     Original GUO ordinance (184.63 acres)