Noblesville Downtown District Streetscape Master Plan


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The Noblesville Downtown District Streetscape Master Plan is providing recommendations for

  • the downtown district, as defined in this project as Wayne Street (north), 11th/12th Streets (east), Hannibal Street (south), and John Street (west).
  • right-of-way and public areas only. This plan is not specifically addressing private residences or commercial properties.



  • The City of Noblesville held a public meeting on March 13 to present the process of the Downtown Streetscape Master Plan and take input from the public. The presentation may be viewed by clicking here.
  • A presentation of plan recommendations was held on Tuesday April 10. These draft recommendations are potential plans for downtown and are not finalized, approved or funded by administration or council at this time. The presentation may be viewed by clicking here.
  • The city is taking input from the public on the presentations and their thoughts through April 25. To share your feedback, e-mail us.




Site Inventory is the first step in the design process. During this step, information on the existing natural and built features within the project area is gathered and documented in map form.  Proper site inventory techniques lead to a thorough understanding of the project site and context, which then helps inform the designers. The information is used to form an analysis of the existing project area, helping identify problems, opportunities, and potential uses of a site. 

During the site inventory phase of this project, the design team identified destinations within the downtown district, locations of existing street trees and light poles, routes for pedestrian circulation, vehicular traffic patterns, site uses, and parking within the district. More existing conditions are documented in the renderings at the bottom of the page.  

 Site Uses


A photographic inventory of existing site features was compiled during the site inventory phase of the project. These images have been categorized as a way to visually show­ the collection of streetscape elements that currently exist within the downtown district. These images aid in the discussions about what can be done to strengthen the identity of the downtown district in order to create a sense of place. Questions that came out of the site character review are “What’s missing?, What elements fit best with the character of the area?”, and “Are there items that should be eliminated or changed?”



Understanding the area of study is important to making design decisions that reflect and enhance the sense of place, including historical significance, previous planning projects, economic characteristics, and the existing demographics. Each of these have been studied for the downtown district.

Previous Planning

Noblesville has completed multiple planning projects over the past five years, many of which address specific areas of the downtown district. These plans have been approved by the entity that solicited the study and, in many cases, the City Council. The following elements have been gleaned from previously prepared documents and are being included in this Downtown District Streetscape Masterplan:

  • PLANoblesville Update (2013) – Documentation of the goals for the entire city, the downtown section focuses on development for Federal Hill Commons, the pedestrian bridge over the White River and the Riverwalk projects. All of these have either been built or will soon be under construction.
  • Logan Street Pedestrian Bridge (2016) – A pedestrian bridge and overlook crossing the White River along the south edge of Logan Street. This will be completely separated from traffic, creating a safe and attractive connection between Federal Hill Commons and the downtown square. Access to the Riverwalk and an improved crosswalk at SR 19 are included as part of the plan. Construction is anticipated to begin in 2018.
  • Alley Activation Plan (2016) – Classification of existing alley system to identify different uses for each section of alley, including park alleys (no vehicles), boulevard alleys (limited vehicular access), functional alleys (vehicular access allowed, enhancements for beautification included), and beautified alleys (residential focused area for vehicles, bikes, pedestrians, and beautification enhancements).
  • Noblesville Alternative Transportation Plan (2015) – An outline of strategies to integrate bike lanes and pedestrian space onto existing streets currently dominated by vehicular use.
  • Noblesville Downtown Parking Study (2016) – Documentation of existing parking availability in comparison to need, determining the need for a parking structure within the downtown district. This will allow the area dedicated to public right-of-way to be focused more on pedestrian uses.
  • Noblesville Parks Comprehensive Master Plan 2015-2019 (2015) – Documentation of goals for the next five years of the Noblesville Parks Department for the entire city. There are multiple parks within the downtown district:
    • Riverwalk Depot Park is a pedestrian gateway into the downtown district where the White River Greenway trail, which crosses the White River, intersects with the Riverwalk.
    • Federal Hill Commons, constructed in 2016, is a gateway into downtown district, as well as a destination for regularly-scheduled and special events.
    • Seminary Park – Revisioning of this park has been provided because many park programs that were previously hosted at Seminary Park are now being held at Federal Hill Commons. The edge of 10th Street between Hannibal and Division Streets can serve as a southern gateway into the downtown district.
    • The Riverwalk – Constructed in 2015 and 2016, the connection between Division Street and The Riverwalk Depot Park provides pedestrian access under Connor and Logan Streets, as well as four points of access into the downtown district.
  • Cultural Arts Strategic Blueprint (2015) – Documents the groups associated with arts and culture in Noblesville and develops a comprehensive view of strategies.
  • Nickel Plate Arts Master Plan (2018) – Outline of the goals of the Nickel Plate Arts group. This identifies Maple Avenue as an arts corridor within the downtown district/cultural arts district.


Logan Street

9th Street

Maple Avenue

To learn more about the request for proposals on the Noblesville Downtown Streetscape Master Plan, click here

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