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Elementary After School Programs

Elementary After School Programs 

Noblesville Parks and the Miller Explorers Noblesville School have created a partnership to bring park programming and activities to students enrolled in Noblesville Elementary Schools. The partnership provides after school programs and allows opportunities for students to take advantage of the parks educational programs without extending extracurricular activities further into their evening schedule. Key Word Search "Explore"   Register Here 

Lego League

            Lego League will focus on using challenge base learning to encourage an interest in science and engineering by building with Lego elements. The hands on program is meant to capture the participant's curiosity and direct it towards improving the world around them. 

Expressing Yourself 

            This art class will expand the opportunity for children to discover how lines, textures, shapes, and light can create a master piece. 


            Welcome to the world of Breakin' (breakdancing)! Breakin' is the original HipHop Dance style originated in 1970's. Throughout the course of classes we will be learning the fundamental skills of Breakin'. We will be covering five main elements that make up dance; Toprock, Go Downs, Footwork, Freezes and Powermoves. 

Messy Discovery

            Let's get messy! This science class will expand upon each core area; engineering, physics, earth & space, and life science through trail and error! We will set up experiments, create concoctions and build. 

Refreshing Nature

            Participants will learn through experiments, activities, and art that will sparking their interest in the outdoors, creatures habitat, and going green!  

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