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*NEW* Group Fitness Classes

Boot C.A.M.P. (Ages 18+)

This Boot Camp program will deliver results while still providing fun! Classes consist of cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility training. Expect to encounter light running, obstacle courses, relay races, circuit training, core training, rope jumping, stair or hill climbing and more! Register Here

Location: The Recreation Annex (Gate 18)

Mondays & Wednesdays


June 3-26  Cost: $58/$67nr

July 8-31 8  Cost: $58/$67nr

Power Toning (Ages 18+)

Total body strength/toning class utilizing all forms of strength equipment (all provided) such as dumbbells, kettle bells, resistance bands, med balls, mat work, body weight, & more. Register Here

Location: The Recreation Annex (Gate 18)



June 4-25  Cost: $35/$40nr

July 9-30  Cost: $35/$40nr

Flexibility, Balance & Recovery (Ages 18+)

This class will work on improving your overall flexibility, balance and strength and this will in turn lower your risk for injury. We will also focus on your post-workout recovery techniques to help with quicker recovery time. Register Here

Location: The Recreation Annex (Gate 18)



June 5-26  Cost: $35/$40nr

July 10-31  Cost: $35/$40nr

Group Old School Fitness (Ages 18+)

Challenging full body workout that will feel like recess or summer camp for adults! No other place will you get a chance to have SO much fun while getting a kick butt workout. Some of your workouts may include life size Jenga, capture the flag and more! Register Here

Location: The Recreation Annex (Gate 18)



June 6-27  Cost: $35/$40nr

July 11-Aug. 1  Cost: $35/$40nr