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Staff 1-25 of 214
Name Title Department Email Telephone
Vassar, W.C. Sign/Signal Technician Street Department 317-776-6348
Adams, Odise Project Manager Engineering Department 317-776-6330
Adkins, Levi Officer Patrol Division 317-776-6340
Alexander, James Fleet Manager Street Department 317-776-6348
Aloisio, Jamie Deputy Chief Professional Standards Division 317-776-6340
Anderson, Garrett K9 Officer Patrol Division 317-776-6340
Arnold, Brad Assistant Chief Police 317-776-6340
Arriaga, Manny Community Service Officer Community Service Officers 317-776-6340
Aschleman, Denise Senior Planner Planning & Development 317-776-6325
Ayer, Brian Council Member, At-Large Common Council 317-774-7781
Baker, Christine Office Manager Police 317-776-6340 x 1205
Barnes, Bruce Public Information Officer Professional Standards Division 317-776-6340
Barnes, David Sergeant Patrol Division 317-776-6340
Bennett, Brandon M. Director Parks & Recreation Department 317-776-6350
Biddle, Adam   Fire Department 317-776-6336 x 1402
Bledsoe, Tiffany Officer Patrol Division 317-776-6340
Blocher, Joshua Sergeant Patrol Division 317-776-6340
Boice, Mark Council Member, At Large Common Council 317-774-7782
Boscaccy-Kramer, Toni Training Coordinator Professional Standards Division 317-776-6340
Brisson-Monteith, Wilkes Officer Patrol Division 317-776-6340
Brooks, Brandon K9 Sergeant Criminal Investigations Division 317-776-6371
Bruner, John Sergeant Property Room Criminal Investigations Division 317-776-6371
Burnside, Ryan Maintenance Laborer/Trails Parks & Recreation Department  
Bush, Zach School Resource Officer Support Division 317-776-6340
Carpenter, Darren Building Inspector   317-776-6325
Staff 1-25 of 214