Construction Observation

As part of Public Infrastructure Administration, the Department of Engineering observes the construction of all new public infrastructure to ensure proper construction. Our typical construction observation types, and descriptions, can be seen below. The construction observation time required by our staff is billed by the hour to the developer.


Roadway Construction Observation

The Department of Engineering observes new public roadway construction, including multi-use trails and common sidewalks. Our field inspector's observe to ensure that the roadways are constructed to the appropriate grade, subgrade has adequate strength, curb underdrains are placed, stone base and asphalt pavement is constructed in accordance to the required road cross-section.


Sanitary Sewer and Storm Sewer Construction Observation

Storm and sanitary sewer construction is observed almost every day while being constructed to ensure proper construction. After completion, the sewers are flushed clean and the interior of the storm and sanitary sewer is video inspected. Thirty days after completion, the sanitary sewer's manholes are vacuum tested, main lines are pressure tested, and mandrels are pulled through the new sanitary lines to test for deflection. The sewer systems are then surveyed to verify they were constructed at the proper grades. 

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