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How can I obtain copies of a death certificate?
Death certificates are filed in the county that the person died. In Hamilton County, the Hamilton County Health Department is where you would obtain copies of birth and death certificates for people who were born and deceased in Hamilton County. Their phone number is (317) 776-8500.
I've had something stolen, but I'm not really concerned about it. Should I report it?
Yes, there are two reasons you should report the theft.

1)The Noblesville Police Department accepts countless numbers of property reported as found including bicycles, stereos and purses that have no identifying information. We would like to return them to the owners, but cannot if we don't know who they belong to. If you report your loss, we can match up our found property with your missing property. Serial numbers are the most important information that helps us do this. Please record your serial number for later use.

2) If you had something taken your neighbors may have as well. If you don't report it and your property is turned in, we cannot link it with the other thefts. If charges are filed, knowing you had things taken as well may help us link it to the suspect.
Results 1-2 of 2