Statement from Noblesville Mayor Chris Jensen on the 2021 State Budget


Noblesville Mayor Chris Jensen issued the following statement on the 2021 State Budget: 

I want to commend our governor along with members of the House and Senate for passing a budget that will fund critical parts of our state and positively impacts our local economy,” Mayor Chris Jensen said. “Infrastructure investment has been a priority in Noblesville, and the additional $900 million infrastructure fund means we can focus on our local infrastructure projects with the help of our state partners.”

Jensen added, “Our K-12 education will get 1.9 billion more dollars with 45% of that going directly to teachers’ pay. Our schools are key factors for economic development and are major partners with cities on a number of local issues and projects. Overall, this state budget proposal strengthens our education system, funds needed infrastructure projects and ultimately gives local government the ability to move their municipalities forward.”