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Plan Commission
Monday, November 16, 2020 at 06:00 PM
City Hall Council Chambers

Call Meeting to Order

Opening Ceremonies - Pledge of Allegiance

Determiniation of a Quorum by Acting Secretary

Approval of Minutes - October 19, 2020
Documents: 10-19-2020

Rules of Conduct


#1  Application No. 0122-2020    Change of Zoning from “R2-FH” Residential/Flood Hazard Zoning District to “R2-FH/GUO/PD” Residential-Flood Hazard/ Government Use Overlay/ Planned Development District and adoption of a Preliminary Development Plan for the removal of sand and gravel for approximately 40 acres and the addition of approximately 10 acres to “Potter’s Bridge Park” and ultimate zoning to “R2-FH/GUO” (10 years) located in the 19245 Allisonville Road in Noblesville Township. Submitted by Gina Heinzman (Owner), Beaver Gravel (Rick Beaver/Applicant), Hamilton County Parks (Applicants) and Church Church Hittle and Antrim (Eric Douthit/Attorney)     Staff Reviewer – Denise Aschleman
Documents: Staff Report | Exhibit 1 - Aerial Photograph | Exhbit 2 - Zoning Map | Exhibit 3 - Preliminary Development Plan | Exhibit 4 - Petitioner's Packet | Exhibit 5 - Sight Distance Study | Exhibit 6 - Indiana American Water | Exhibit 7 - Petitions | Exhibit 8 - Written Remonstrance | Exhibit 9 - Email Remonstrance


#2  Application No. 0172-2020   Order of the Plan Commission determining that Declaratory Resolution No. RDC No. 2020-18 amending the Declaratory Resolution for the Noblesville Hazel Dell Economic Development Area and the Hazel Dell Allocation Area approved and adopted by the Noblesville Redevelopment Commission conforms to the plan of development of the City and approving said resolution and plan.                 Staff Reviewer – Joyceann Yelton and Attorney Mike Howard
Documents: Staff Report and Order