Noblesville Fire Promotes 3 Community Resource Paramedics



The Noblesville Fire Department recently promoted three Community Resource Paramedics (CRPs). The promotions were part of NobleAct, the City of Noblesville’s program to provide mental health and addiction based services for those in crisis. The CRPs also will be used as a resource in the city’s battle against the COVID-19 virus.

“Mayor Chris Jensen and Public Safety Director Chad Knecht have provided us with another tool to combat suffering in Noblesville. The CRPs have a selfless desire to provide the best possible outcome for those in need. To say we are proud to have skilled paramedics like this in our fire family is an understatement,” said Noblesville Fire Chief Matt Mitchell. “Whether it is mental health, age related challenges, or COVID-19, these CRPs will help us to deliver the elite service our citizens expect and deserve.”

The three new CRPs include:

  • Tony Murray – A-Crew, 21 years of fire and EMS experience. His achievements include: IU School of Paramedic Science Program Advisory Committee, Indiana State Trauma Care Committee Member, Professional Fire Fighters of Indiana EMS Committee Chairman, and Janus Development Services Board of Directors.

  • Nathan Young – B-Crew, 11 years of fire and EMS experience.  His achievements include: Unit Citation (NFD), Firefighter of the year (Needham FD), Excellence in EMS award (Needham FD), Lifesaver Award (Needham FD), EMT of the Year (Needham FD), and Individual Commendation (Johnson Memorial Hospital).

  • Kevin Livingston – C-Crew, 15 years of fire and EMS experience. His achievements include: Meritorious Service Award (NFD), St. Vincent’s Angel Medic Award (St. Vincent Hospital), and Riverview EMT of the Year (Riverview Hospital).

The CRPs will continue to operate on 24 hours shifts at Station 71 and will utilize a quick response vehicle to respond as needed. 

“In addition to the emergency care we provide to our community, the NobleAct program provides additional services related to mental health, chronic disease processes, and non-emergency needs,” Division Chief of EMS James Macky added. “With the implementation of a NFD Community Resource Paramedic and a NPD Mental Health Officer, this cooperative effort allows us as a public safety agency to bring mobile integrated healthcare services to those in need.”

The CRPs’ COVID-19 responsibilities will include but are not limited to:

  • Responding to suspected COVID-19 patients.
  • Training Noblesville responders on new COVID-19 protocols
  • Directing triage and transport protocols.
  • Evaluating COVID-19 exposure risks to Noblesvillle’s first responders.
  • Aiding in PPE inventory and acquisition.
  • Ensuring a consistent delivery of Noblesville’s Incident Action Plan.
  • Conducting patient follow-ups.

This program has the built in flexibility to keep pace as the city’s needs change. Noblesville’s CRPs’ compassion, integrity, and knowledge will help make stressful calls easier for both patients and their families.