Public Input Sought On Noblesville Comprehensive Plan 2020 Update



Over the past 16 months, the Noblesville Planning Department has been working with consultants and community partners to update the city’s Comprehensive Master Plan, which was last updated in 2014. The City of Noblesville is nearing the end of this process and is seeking additional feedback from the public. The comp plan draft is available at To share your thoughts and feedback, please email

The 2020 Noblesville Comprehensive Plan establishes a vision and strategic framework for the City's future.  The ultimate goal of this comprehensive plan is to promote and enhance the many unique assets in Noblesville and protect valuable natural features while also strengthening the city’s tax base and offering a variety of housing options, thereby creating a stronger community.

“This update to the Comprehensive Plan has been completed in two phases. Phase I sought to clean up the document by removing outdated/completed action items and incorporating additional planning initiatives that have transpired since the last update,” Assistant Planning Director Caleb Gutshall said.

These planning initiatives included the Downtown Streetscape Master Plan, the Housing Study and Policy Guide, the SW Quad Revitalization Plan, and an updated Thoroughfare Plan. Phase I was completed earlier this year. Phase II began in the fall of 2019 and has focused on three main areas: a floodplain analysis, an update to land use categories and Future Land Use Map, and an overall plan for future growth.

“These three areas of focus are integral components that will help guide future growth and development during Noblesville’s next chapter,” Gutshall said. “Public input has occurred throughout each phase to help guide the conversations and identify areas of priority and we are seeking more community feedback at this time before the final version is adopted.”

The comp plan was introduced to the Noblesville Common Council on Dec. 17 and will be before the plan commission on Jan. 21, 2020. The council will see the plan again on Jan. 28 before potential adoption on Feb. 11.