Noblesville Opens Riverwalk Trail Extension To Southside Park


Riverwalk Trail 

Noblesville leaders have opened the extension of the Riverwalk Trail’s southern portion from Division Street to Southside Park. This portion of the Riverwalk adds 1,530 feet of 8-foot-wide trail. It was completed by Midwest Paving LLC.

“The Riverwalk is a fantastic amenity for the city that provides trail connectivity and the beauty of nature and the White River,” Mayor John Ditslear said. “This portion provides Southwest Quad residents with easier pedestrian access to downtown and extends this highly-used amenity.”

Construction on the Riverwalk, a joint project between Noblesville and Hamilton County, began in 2008. Phase One of Riverwalk was a county project and consisted of creating a trail from the county employee parking lot east, underneath the Conner Street/State Road 32 Bridge and back up to the Hamilton County Judicial Center. Phase Two of Riverwalk was a city project, extending the trail under the Logan Street Bridge and up to where it now connects with the pedestrian bridge to Forest Park, which also connects to trails at Potter’s Bridge and Field Drive.

In 2016, the city created the southern portion of Riverwalk trail behind Riverside Cemetery that connected Maple Avenue to Division Street. Phase Three, a joint city-county project, connected the two portions behind the Judicial Center and joined with the City of Noblesville’s southern extension.

“The Riverwalk’s southern extension provides a picturesque view of the White River and its benches have provided patrons the opportunity to sit back and view nature and wildlife,” said Ditslear. “The Riverwalk also now connects Southside Park to Forest Park.”

The latest extension of the Riverwalk is the third major trail project the city has completed in 2019.