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Board of Zoning Appeals
Monday, November 04, 2019 at 06:00 PM
City Hall Council Chambers


Determine the Presence of a Quorum

Consideration of October 7, 2019 Minutes

Consideration of October 7, 2019 Findings of Fact
Documents: Findings of Fact


  1. BZNA-0126-2019

    Location: 2222 Sheridan Road
    Petitioner: Transformations Center for Healing, Inc.
    Description: UDO § 8.B.2.B and UDO § Appendix C – Variance of Use to permit a convalescent facility in an R-1 (Low-Density Single-Family Residential) zoning district.
    Staff Contact: David Hirschle
    Documents: Staff Report
  2. BZNA-0131-2019 / BZNA-0132-2019 / BZNA-0144-2019

    Location: 3501 Conner Street
    Petitioner: Jeff Meyer
    Description: UDO § 8.C.4.F and UDO § Appendix C – Variance of Use to permit outdoor storage;
    Description: UDO § 11.C.1.F.3.a and § 11.C.1.F.5 – Variance of Development Standards to permit a designation sign in an integrated development on a property that does not have minimum 300 feet of frontage and to permit construction of a designation sign taller than permitted;
    Description: UDO § 8.C.4.D and UDO § Appendix C – Conditional Use to permit outdoor display.
    Staff Contact:Oksana Polhuy
    Documents: Staff Report
  3. BZNA-0133-2019 / BZNA-0143-2019

    Location: 21585 Cicero Road
    Petitioner: Thomas J. Weinschenk
    Description: UDO Table 8.B – Variance of Development Standards to allow the reduction of the minimum lot size in the R-1 (Low-Density Single-Family Residential) zoning district for a future 2-lot subdivision;
    Description: UDO § 9.B.2.A and § 9.B.2.E – Variance of Development Standards to permit an existing barn on a future lot without a primary residential use.
    Staff Contact: Rina Neeley
    Documents: Staff Report
  4. BZNA-0142-2019

    Location: 5140 and 5160 Caprock Drive
    Petitioner: Amanda Hulback
    Description: UDO § 4.D.2 – Appeal of a determination of the Director of Planning and Development regarding a minor amendment to the Slater Farms Planned Development.
    Staff Contact: Denise Aschleman
    Documents: Staff Report