Street Department Reminds Residents That Mobile Basketball Goals Not Allowed in Right-of-Way



Basketball GoalsAs leaves begin to turn and fall from trees, the Noblesville Street Department wants to remind residents that mobile basketball goals are not permitted on sidewalks, driveway approaches, greenspace or the street starting Tuesday, October 1.

“While we encourage all residents to be out and active, we also have to ask that private basketball goals be placed in the proper spots. Large street department vehicles have issues navigating around these structures when providing city services during the fall and winter,” said Noblesville Street Commissioner Patty Johnson. “With the public’s help, we can remove the concern of a net hitting the antenna or side-view mirror causing damage to the vehicles and recreational equipment. This also helps our drivers focused on street sweeping, picking up leaves or plowing roads from dealing with obstructions.”

According to City of Noblesville Ordinance #36-08-12 on permanent encroachments: “Basketball goals and other recreational equipment must be removed from and may not overhang the right-of-way in any manner from October 1 through April 30 in order to avoid damage to city vehicles that must work in the right-of-way, for among other things, the removal of snow, leaves branches and debris.”

The city allows mobile basketball goals and other mobile recreational equipment to be permitted without an encroachment from May 1 through September 30 each calendar year. Basketball goals also are permitted year-round if properly placed one (1) foot behind the sidewalk or city right-of-way.

Street Department officials will first issue warnings for prohibited equipment. If a violation is not addressed, a ticket and appearance in Noblesville City Court may occur. Issuing fines or confiscating goals is not the desire of the city unless a nuisance occurs.

For more information or questions, contact the street department at (317) 776-6348 or