Noblesville Police Honor Officers, NWMS Staff At Awards Ceremony


NPD Awards Ceremony 

The Noblesville Police Department presented three medals of valor, four lifesaving awards, a Purple Heart medal and distinguished citizen service awards to Noblesville West Middle School staff at an awards ceremony on February 7.

“You never know what the next call will be or what the situation is when you are the first to arrive on scene. We have an extraordinary group of officers protecting our community and these officers went above and beyond the call of duty to save lives and make a lasting impact,” Police Chief Kevin Jowitt said.

Noblesville West Middle School teacher Jason Seaman and school nurse Megan Schlueter were given the NPD’s Distinguished Citizen Service Award for their heroic actions on May 25. This award is the highest honor the police department can bestow to a civilian.

NPD A“Jason Seaman distinguished himself through personal bravery and intrepidness at the risk of his own life without hesitation, as he apprehended an armed assailant in his classroom. His extraordinary acts in the face of personal danger and his professional response during the incident are to be commended,” Jowitt said, adding this was the first time the award has been given since he became police chief. “Megan Schlueter’s actions in this incident, while under extreme duress, demonstrated her commitment to providing the highest standard of patient care.”

The department also distinguished school resource officers Patrolman Michael Steffen and Sgt. Andrew Reiss by awarding them with the Lifesaving Award – for outstanding police performance in the saving of a human life on May 25.

Additional awards presented include:

Medal of Valor – Master Patrolman Matthew Johnston & Sgt. Jordan Granger

The officers demonstrated heroism in the face of danger on Nov. 11, 2018, when they responded to the 5500 block of E. 146th Street in reference to a motor vehicle crash. Once on the scene, Johnston and Granger observed a vehicle approximately 130 feet into the pond that was beginning to sink. The air temperature on this particular evening was 36 degrees and the water temperature was estimated to be approximately 40 degrees. The officers removed their duty gear and began to swim towards the vehicle. Once there, both officers worked to breakout the rear window and to remove the driver from the vehicle. The three were assisted back to the shore with the assistance of the fire department, transported to area hospitals and treated for signs of hypothermia.


Medal of Valor – Lt. Jason Voyak

On October 23, 2018, Voyak was the first to arrive on the scene of a residential fire in the 300 block of Great Lakes Drive. He could immediately see smoke coming from the apartment and could hear someone moaning inside. Voyak found that the front door was unlocked but was overwhelmed by smoke after opening it. He then got into a crawling position, made entry into the apartment, located the victim just inside the doorway and was able to pull the victim to safety outside.   


Lifesaving Award – Det. April Kline & Patrolman Corey McGriff

On March 11, 2016, Kline and McGriff, along with several other NPD officers, responded to a residential fire in the 1000 block of Watermead Drive. As smoke and open flames had consumed the front door area of the apartment, Kline and McGriff proceeded to the rear of the apartment where they heard a person inside coughing. McGriff used his baton to break a nearby window and both officers pulled the victim through the window to safety.


Purple Heart Medal – Master Patrolman Jason McDermott

On Tuesday, May 19, 2015, the NPD responded to the 17900 block of Phillips Drive (Noblesville) in reference to a complaint of theft from vehicles. Officers arrived a short time later and encountered the alleged suspect in the parking lot. During the investigative process, a struggle ensued as Master Patrolman Jason McDermott was attempting to place the suspect into custody. Master Patrolman McDermott sustained multiple fractures to his right leg requiring an extensive recovery and rehabilitation period.  


The department also recognized officers reaching milestone years of service:

40 years – Mike Brooks

25 years – Capt. Brad Arnold, Lt. Bruce Barnes and Tina Williams.

20 years – Capt. Jon Williams, Lt. David Thoma, Sgt. Brian Tragesser, Sgt. Matt McGovern, Sgt. Graig Collings, Sgt. Mike Sadler, Sgt. Tim Hendricks, Sgt. Tony Vasbinder, Sgt. Corey Everhart, Det. John Bunch, Det. Joe Jerrell, Det. Robert Saxon, Officer Seth Miller, Officer Jerry Fenimore, Officer Lonnie Guith, Officer Tim Wilson and Officer Tim Firks.