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Technical Advisory Committee
Thursday, October 18, 2018 at 09:00 AM
City Hall


1.  (9:00-9:15)    Committee to consider PRELIMINARY review of a proposed 44-unit townhome development unofficially known as “Slater Park”. Property located south of State Road No. 32 and east of Gray Road in Noblesville Township. Filed by Bird Dog Holding, Inc. (Owners); Westport Homes (Applicants); and Innovative Design & Services (Jerry Kittle)      (LEGP 0182-2018)                 Planning Staff Reviewer – Justin Schuessler

2.   (9:15-9:20)&nbps;  Committee to consider Primary Plat and Secondary Plat for a Two Lot Residential Subdivision unofficially known as “Morgan Farms”. Property located at 16275 Cherry Tree Road in Noblesville Township. Filed by Philip Froymovich (Owner) and Weihe Engineers (Joseph Trtan)       (PLAT 0178-2018, 0180-2018)                                                                              Planning Staff Reviewer – Denise Aschleman

3.    (9:20-9:40)   Committee to consider Civil Plans for construction of a Sherwin Williams Wholesale Facility. Property located at 14669 Herriman Boulevard in the City of Noblesville. Filed by SWE Noblesville, LLC (Owners) and Fritz Engineering Services LLC (Ashton Fritz)      (LOCP 1545-2018)               Planning Staff Reviewer – Denise Aschleman

4   (9:40-10:00)    Committee to consider Civil Plans, Detailed Development Plan, and Secondary Plat for Section One of the “Timbers Planned Development” to include 65 lots and infrastructure. Property located north of State Road No. 38 and East of Little Chicago Road in the City of Noblesville. Filed by Drees Homes (Applicants) and Weihe Engineers (Rick Ellis)     PLAT 0179-2018, LEGP 0176-2018)                                                                                                                              Planning Staff Reviewer - Joyceann Yelton