New Pedestrian Beacon Makes Midland Trace Trail Crossing Safer on Hazel Dell Road


 Pedestrian Beacon Photo

The City of Noblesville has activated a new traffic signal for Midland Trace Trail pedestrians crossing Hazel Dell Road. A Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon is a special type of crosswalk and its location on Hazel Dell is the first in the city – connecting phase I with phase II at the trailhead.

Beacon Info“While slightly different in appearance, this signal functions very similar to a conventional signal in that it stops traffic to allow pedestrians to cross safely. Hybrid beacons were developed specifically to enhance pedestrian crossings of major streets,” said Jim Hellmann, assistant city engineer.

Beacons facing vehicular traffic have three sections consisting of two horizontally-arranged circular red sections over a single circular yellow section. Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons are dark and allow traffic to flow freely until activated by a pedestrian/cyclist who wishes to cross.

When a pedestrian pushes the button to cross, the hybrid beacon sequence is started – first with flashing yellow followed by steady yellow, then steady red extending for a period of several seconds, and finally by alternating red. When vehicles have the right-of-way, the hybrid beacons will be dark with the pedestrian signal heads in the “Don’t walk” mode until the signal is activated by another pedestrian.

“During the solid red phase, drivers must stop and remain stopped, as with a standard traffic signal. Vehicles must stop with alternating flashing red indication, and may only proceed after yielding to pedestrians in the crosswalk,” said Hellmann. “Pedestrian signal heads on each end of the crosswalk will display instructions on when it is safe to cross and when they should wait.”

The City of Noblesville places a high priority on pedestrian safety and is concerned about unsignalized crosswalks on high traffic streets. Because this is the first time a Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon has been utilized in Noblesville, message board warning motorists have been temporarily placed on Hazel Dell Road before the intersection. For more information or to watch a video about the new Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon, click here.

Phase II of the Midland Trace Trail will have a ribbon cutting at 12:45 p.m. Thursday, August 16. The 12-foot-wide multi-use path extends east from Hazel Dell Road to Willowview Road. Landscaping improvements will continue this fall during ideal planting season weather.