New Lightning Detection System To Enhance Severe Weather Safety at Noblesville Parks


As severe weather season approaches, the Noblesville Parks and Recreation Department has purchased AnythingWeather Communications’ iStrike Lightning Detection System for several city parks to help keep visitors safe.

Lightning Detector“With the popularity of our parks and outdoor events, severe weather and lightning are concerns we must worry about. Using the latest technology allows the city to best alert our patrons if severe weather approaches and provides them amble time to react and safely evacuate if needed,” Noblesville Mayor John Ditslear said.

Nine lightning detectors have been installed to enhance outdoor safety of those enjoying the green space, attending concerts or playing on the recreational fields. AnythingWeather’s iStrike System monitors lightning in real-time and minimizes false alarms for exact locations.

 “With thousands of park visitors, dozens of free concerts and special events, and more than 43,000 rounds of golf played on city courses annually, once we learned about the detection system we knew it was something we needed to have in place and will be a great asset for all guests,” said Noblesville Parks Director Brandon Bennett.

The alert system will be located at various locations throughout Noblesville parks, including multiple detectors in Forest Park servicing the main areas of the park, Forest Park Golf Course, Aquatic Center and Babe Ruth baseball diamonds; multiple detectors at Fox Prairie Golf Course and Noblesville United Soccer Club fields; multiple detectors at Dillon Park servicing the playground, splash pad, football fields and event lawn; and at Federal Hill Commons.

When severe weather approaches, the system will monitor the specific conditions at each location, alerting park staff when lightning is detected within 20 miles in order to keep them aware of any approaching severe weather. The system will alert park visitors by activating a strobe light when lightning is detected within 12 miles and a horn sounding along with strobe light activation when lightning is detected within eight miles. When lightning is detected within eight miles, park staff will end any outdoor park programs and evacuate the area. When lighting is not detected within 30 minutes, the system will sound three short horn blasts to indicate the all clear and outdoor park activities may resume.

“According to the National Weather Service, an average of 49 Americans are killed by lightning strikes each year and hundreds more are seriously injured,” said AnythingWeather CEO Nick Jones. “The iStrike Lightning Alert System saves lives by helping people get out of harm’s way. We are proud to team up with the City of Noblesville to keep residents safe and applaud their commitment to safety.”

Park visitors are asked to be aware of the lightning detection system and take precautions if a horn sounds or strobe lighting is activated while in the area. City golf carts will include signage to explain the activation signals and safety measures that are in place for those out on the courses.

For more information, contact the Noblesville Parks and Recreation Department at (317) 776-6350.