Discounted Rain Barrels Available To Noblesville Residents And Business Owners


The Noblesville Clean Storm Water Program has teamed up with the Hamilton County Soil & Water Conservation District to provide Noblesville residents and business owners substantially discounted rain barrels while supplies last.

rain barrelResidents may pre-order rain barrels for $30 at the Hamilton County Soil & Water Conservation District office, 1717 Pleasant Street, Suite 100, Noblesville. In order to qualify for this discount, residents/business must do three things:

1) Provide a City of Noblesville Wastewater Utility bill that shows your name and address.

2) Take one or more of the online clean water improvement pledges at and print the confirmation or show the email of the pledge.

3) Pre-pay $30.00 (cash or check preferred) to the Hamilton County SWCD office.

Rain barrels are limited to one per address and must be pre-ordered. The barrels will be available for pickup on Friday, May 11 at the Hamilton County SWCD office. Rain barrels are available for sale to all customers, regardless of city of residence, through the SWCD office at the full price of $75 plus tax. The discounted barrels are at a lower cost courtesy of the Noblesville Clean Storm Water Program.

“This is the sixth year we have partnered with the Soil & Water Conservation District to offer low cost rain barrels to Noblesville residents and businesses. Capturing rain water to use for gardening is not only good for your plants, but it also saves you money and helps to conserve drinking water,” said Tim Stottlemyer, Noblesville storm water coordinator. “This is just one of the many simple things we can do in our community to conserve and protect our local resources for our kids and grandkids.”

A rain barrel collects and stores rain water that would otherwise be lost. It is designed to keep debris and insects out (including mosquitos) and saves homeowners money by allowing them to use this free water for their gardens and lawns as well as car and window washing.

“Rainwater stored in rain barrels is a naturally soft water and devoid of minerals, chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals. For this reason, plants respond very well to rainwater,” Stottlemyer said.

The SWCD Rain barrels are all re-purposed food grade barrels that have been converted to rain barrels. Specific color or shape cannot be guaranteed, but barrels will likely be black or terra cotta colored.

The Noblesville Clean Storm Water Program’s mission is to educate the public and promote practices that help improve the quality of rain water that runs off into our streams, reservoirs, lakes and rivers. Rain water can easily become polluted before running in to these bodies of water because of contact with pet waste, lawn fertilizers, litter, oil from leaking vehicles, and much more. The water that comes out of faucets starts out as rain water, so the goal is to keep rain water as clean as possible by educating the public about easy ways to prevent water pollution.

For more information about the rain barrel program, contact the Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District at (317) 773-2181 or visit