Permitted Solicitors

Utilities registered with the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) can get approval with the IURC to solicit state-wide and are exempt from our ordinance. 

Their list is here: 

The City of Noblesville soliciting ordinance does not regulate charitable organizations, people expressing a religious belief or political position or a US military veteran with a license from the Hamilton County Auditor's Office.

This is a current list of permitted solicitors who have registered with the Noblesville Police Department and the date their permit expires:

ExperiGreen Permit Expires 09/03/2019
Dillen Swango Alexander Lozon
Kevin Brunswick Brandon Amos
Seth Brunswick  
Edward Jones Permit Expires 11/15/2019
Seth Wilson (expires 09/07/2019) Robert Wisneski (expires 10/22/2019)
Bradley Amurgey (expires 11/09/2019) Ryan Hiatt (expires 11/15/2019) 
Freedom Pest Control Permit Expires 10/02/2019
Karen Jansen  
Century 21 Scheetz Permit Expires 10/17/2019
Sarah Klein  
Aptive Environmental Permit Expires 10/18/2019
Jorjia Calaway Brandon Johnson
Ethan Gayton Joshua Wise
Karsen Decker Landon Welker
McKay Wise Daniel West
Peter Gray Triston Busse
Jared Lawlor Brock Smith
Austin Budge  David Schaerr
Holden Budge  
Aptive Environmental Permit Expires 10/24/2019
Adam Welker Brock Dowdle
Aptive Environmental Permit Expires 11/07/2019
Daniel Schaerr
Shelter Insurance Permit Expires 11/15/2019
Dennis Callicutt

This list was last updated on 08/13/2019.