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The Noblesville Common Council unanimously approved a new residential subdivision, to be built by Beazer Homes of Indiana, during its meeting on Tuesday night. Millers Walk will consist of 166 two-family dwellings known as “Villas” on 83 lots. Millers Walk is a 59.5-acre site is located south of Pleasant Street, north of Town and Country Boulevard and east of Stony Creek Marketplace.

“The infrastructure is in place and I believe this is a good product line and a nice fit for the area at the right time, especially with all the shopping and dining opportunities within walking distance,” Council member Brian Ayer said. “Millers Walk enhances the city’s housing diversity as directed by the recent housing market study and addresses an underserved residential product that is needed and desired in our community.”

According to Beazer Homes, the Villas will range from approximately $250,000 to $300,000, depending on upgrades and amenity selections. The developer also plans to have additional architectural enhancements to corner and perimeter lots.

The site plan incorporates walkability for pedestrians throughout the community and connects to the city’s adjacent trail network to nearby retail and commercial uses in Stony Creek Marketplace and the planned Midland Trace Trail extension. The subdivision will include an outdoor community gathering space that overlooks the natural preservation/wetland area.

“The Millers Walk project makes strides to meet goals outlined in the comprehensive master plan and the housing study.  This project entails a housing type that is not widely available in Noblesville and allows residents to stay in the city through the range of their life stages,” Planning Director Sarah Reed said.

As part of its approval, the council also granted the development a zoning change to R4 (moderate to high density one and two family residential district) from planned business.

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