Alternative Vehicular East-West Corridor Study (Pleasant Street Extension)

The City of Noblesville is exploring a potential east-west corridor – known as the Pleasant Street expansion and White River bridge. This future project would help alleviate current traffic congestion along Pleasant Street and through Noblesville’s historic downtown, and support Noblesville’s vision for the future and its infrastructure needs.

On December 13, 2016, the city hosted a public information session and open conversation about its findings from an east-west corridor study. At the meeting, city officials presented a historical perspective on past studies of a new east-west corridor, the challenges of this project and shared information about the most recent data – including vehicular traffic and budget estimate comparisons for four potential routes.

The information in this study is a necessary step to the potential design and funding of a new corridor – so precise real estate impacts have not yet been determined at this point.

After the city’s presentation, the public was invited to share their feedback in an open, constructive format, and ask questions about the project. Documents from the public information meeting are shared below. Residents that wish to share their thoughts, ask questions or sign up to receive future e-newsletters for updates are asked to email

While Noblesville Common Council members were in attendance at the meeting, not timetable has been set for any decisions on the potential project. The purpose of the meeting was to inform the public, gather feedback and answer questions. More meetings of this type will be held in the future.