Noblesville Fieldhouse Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the details of the Noblesville Fieldhouse project?

Why is Noblesville getting into youth sports?

Why doesn’t the city just build the Fieldhouse and operate it?

How is the city going to pay for this project?

What is the developer investing in the project?

Can the City really afford to help fund this project given all our other needs?

Is the Corporate Campus TIF really strong enough to help support this project? And what else can’t we do because we’ll be paying for a Fieldhouse?

What does Phase I of Finch Creek Park mean?

Why are you building a park on the east side of town?

The Fieldhouse is a completely different idea than what was proposed before for Finch Creek Park. What do you tell residents of Blue Ridge Creek who bought homes to be close to a park and not a sports facility?

Why is this needed when Westfield has Grand Park for youth sports?

Will my child get to use the Fieldhouse or is it mainly to attract tournaments and guests?

Don’t we have other areas in town like the school district that can handle our needs so we don’t have to build a fieldhouse?

Why is the Boys & Girls Club getting involved with the Fieldhouse?

What are the plans should this be a grand hit and the developers want to expand even further? How much land is the parks willing to invest?

Can the roads out there really handle a youth sports facility?