COMPLETE: Logan Street Resurfacing

The Logan Street Resurfacing Project was funded directly from the Noblesville Common Council to improve the historic downtown area. The biggest challenge of this project was coordinating the construction with minimizing detriment to the local business commerce activities, during regular business hours. With Department coordination efforts between the contractor, Calumet Asphalt Paving Company, Inc., downtown business merchants, the Hoosier Heritage Port Authority and the Noblesville Police Department,  it was determined that in the best interest of affected entities that the paving operations would be conducted on a weekend evening. The project was completed in eighteen (18) straight hours, starting at roughly 6:00 PM Friday, September 17, 2004 and finished around noon on Saturday, with minimal impact to the local business. Department staff was on-site throughout night and morning, in shifts, to coordinate the effort between the City, the contractor, and contractor's sub-contractors. One highlight was to see two, highly competitive, pavement marking contractors working side-by-side to complete this project on time. Assistance from the Noblesville Police Department helped tremendously with maintenance of traffic by assisting in keeping cars off the closed streets.