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Plan Commission
Tuesday, February 16, 2021 at 06:00 PM
City Hall Council Chambers


Call Meeting to Order

Opening Ceremonies - Pledge of Allegiance

Determiniation of a Quorum by Secretary

Oaths of Office

Approval of Minutes - January 19, 2021
Documents: 01-19-2021

Rules of Conduct


#1   Application No. 0008-2021   Special Consideration for the operation of a contractor’s office on property containing approximately 1.2 acres within the Corporate Campus Planned Development and located at 10784 E. 141st Street. Submitted by Darnell Properties, LLC (Owner) and Coffman & Sons LLC (Applicant), and Katz Korin Cunningham PC (Donald J. Smith, Attorney)                      Staff Reviewer – Joyceann Yelton
Documents: Staff Report | Exhibit 1 - Aerial Photograph | Exhibit 2 - Applicant's Narrative | Exhibit 3 - Applicant's Site Drawing

#2  Application No. 0010-2021    Amendment to adopted Zoning Commitments for the Noblesville Business Park to permit a distribution center at 9580 East 150th Street. Submitted by PIA Realty, LLC by the Sullivan Corporation (Owners) and David Gilman (Applicant)                                                                               Staff Reviewer – David Hirschle
Documents: Staff Report | Exhibit 1 - Noblesville Business Park | Exchibit 2 - Site Plan | Exhibit 3 - Landscaping Plan | Exhibit 4 - Building Plan | Exhibit 5 - Building Elevations | Exhibit 6 - Ordinance No. 49-12-97

#3  Application No. 0011-2021   Amendment to the adopted Government Use Overlay for the Noblesville High School to include a wireless telecommunication service facility located at 18111 Cumberland Road. Submitted by Noblesville High School Building Corporation (Owners) and Dentons Bingham Greenebaum, LLP (Matthew M. Price, Attorney)                                                                            Staff Reviewer – Denise Aschleman
Documents: Staff Report | Exhibit 1 - Aerial Photograph | Exhibit 2 - Current Zoning Map | Exhibit 3 - Project Narrative | Exhibit 4 - Tower Elevation Drawing | Exhibit 5 - Site Plan | Exhibit 6 - Correspondence

#4  Application No. 0012-2021   Adoption of a preliminary development plan and change of zoning from “PB Planned Business” to “PB/GUO Planned Business/Government Use Overlay for Fire Station No. 74 located at 20777 Hague Road. Submitted by the City of Noblesville Public Safety Building (Owners) and Chris Gellinger (Deputy Fire Chief)                                          Staff Reviewer – Joyceann Yelton
Documents: Staff Report | Exhibit 1 - Aerial Photograph | Exhibit 2 - Partial Civil Plans | Exhibit 3 - Color Elevations


#5  Application No. 0039-2021    Order No. 02-2021 of the City of Noblesville Plan Commission Determining that a Declaratory Resolution and Economic Development Plan for the Noblesville Washington Business Park Economic Development Area, which Declaratory Resolution also includes certain amendments to the Noblesville State Road 37 – 146th Street Economic Development Area, as approved and adopted by the City of Noblesville Redevelopment Commission conforms to the Comprehensive Plan for the City of Noblesville and approving said resolution and economic development plan.                                                                                               Staff Reviewer – Joyceann Yelton
Documents: PC Order and RDC Declaratory Resolution