Noblesville Fire Department Graduates Six Recruits To Probationary Firefighters


NFD Graduation 

Noblesville Fire welcomed six new firefighters to the department during a graduation ceremony Friday evening at City Hall. The graduating class included Eric Freeman, Elyse Kile, John-Michael O’Brien, Matt Pinter, Jeff Robinson and Noah Storey.

“For nearly 150 years the people of Noblesville have been able to call us in their time of need. Take pride in that tradition. You are automatically given trust based on the badges you have earned, but that doesn’t end today. You have to earn that trust every day. Children will look at you like you are a superhero and parents will treat you like trusted family. When NFD knocks, people open the doors to their homes. They do this with total confidence because they know, the professionals are here to help,” Fire Chief Greg Wyant told the graduates.

The ceremony included the badge pinning by the graduates’ family members and loved ones; prayers by NFD Pastor Stephen Schultze; remarks from Wyant and probationary firefighter Pinter; and the oath of office given by Mayor John Ditslear.

Hamilton County Firefighters Local 4416 President Tony Murray served as emcee of the ceremony to his fellow Noblesville firefighters. Division Chiefs John O’Neal and James Macky oversaw the recruitment class.

“Becoming a first responder is not always a popular choice or an easy one, but I want you to be proud of it. Be proud of what it means to be a fireman and what it represents. As a community we cannot thank you enough for your service, but know we stand behind you,” Ditslear said. “Remember what you have learned. This is your foundation. Build on it and nurture it and I know you will be successful.”

The recruit academy lasts approximately 22 weeks. The first 15 weeks are devoted to gaining certification at Firefighter level I, II, hazardous materials and technical rescue – swift water, extrication, emergency vehicle operations, and prevention. The remaining seven weeks involved training as an emergency medical technician at the basic level.

The new firefighters will complete a probationary year, before being promoted to pipemen.