Noblesville Street Department Prepared For Next Round Of Winter Weather



The Noblesville Street Department is preparing to face another round of winter weather forecasted to impact the city this weekend.

“If possible, we are asking residents to stay home so we can be out on the streets. The more people on roadways impacts our plows, emergency services when they respond to slide-offs or accidents and packs down snow in subdivisions,” Noblesville Street Commissioner Patty Johnson said. “We would also like to remind residents to park off of the streets where available and be mindful of the plows on the roads if driving.”

Local predictions estimate up to six inches of snow to fall Saturday, but the gusting winds may cause additional issues keeping roads clear.

“We are expecting blowing snow. This may cause us to spend more time plowing and re-clearing main roads to ensure routes for first responders are safe. It would also delay our ability to plow subdivisions and cul-de-sacs,” said Johnson. “We ask residents to have patience because we may need time before we can plow their residential streets.”

Street department employees are currently utilizing its brine solution, a road pretreatment prior to snow.

“Crews are scheduled to come in at midnight tonight and will be out putting salt down once the weather system hits. We will have crews in around the clock and they will continue until all roads are clear,” Johnson said.

Once this weekend weather moves out, temperatures are forecasted to plummet with subzero lows expected on Monday morning. As the temperature drops, so too does salt’s effectiveness especially when it gets down near 10 degrees and below.

 “The chemicals the street department utilizes are not as effective in bitterly cold weather,” said Johnson. “We keep this in mind with the forecasted overtime temperatures. Salt can be dangerous when applied to snow that then melts, because if nighttime temperatures drop below 15 degrees, that snow melt can refreeze into a layer of ice. When streets are iced over, our options are limited to treat it.”

Residents are asked to use caution when traveling and pay extra attention to the pavement you are walking or driving on, so ice doesn’t sneak up on you and cause you problems.