The Hamilton County Health Department has notified the City of Noblesville that more mosquito trap sites in the city have tested positive for West Nile Virus. Hamilton County will use all three of its trucks to spray in the affected zones tonight and the Noblesville Street Department will continue to larvacide breeding habitats.

The most recent positive sites include:

  • White River Elementary
  • Hague Road Nature Haven
  • 186th Street and Promise Road
  • Noblesville Wastewater Plant

Mosquitoes testing positive for West Nile is not unusual, as 15 sites throughout Hamilton County have been confirmed in the past three weeks. Also, there has been no reported case of a human contracting West Nile in Noblesville this year. Human infection is rare and less than one percent of those infected have serious symptoms, typically older adults.

West Nile Mosquitos are active from evening to morning. For more information about health department testing, the West Nile virus, how to best apply bug spray to children or other related subjects, please refer to the Hamilton County Health Department’s Mosquito Control website,