The City of Noblesville is conducting a survey to guide our water quality improvement efforts. Improving water quality can help reduce the cost of water and sewer treatment, eliminate or reduce unsightly algae blooms, protect public health, and increase property values and economic development activities in our area.

“We know your time is valuable. This effort truly helps us improve water resources programming in our city and therefore helps us improve local water quality,” said Tim Stottlemyer, Noblesville storm water coordinator.

Residents and business owners may take the survey online at A paper copy may be picked up at Noblesville City Hall’s Main Reception Desk, 16 S 10th St.

Free Works Wash from Crew Carwash for the first 125 surveys received. A $5 discount Works Wash coupon is available to everyone that takes the survey. Car wash prizes or coupons will require an e-mail address to be provided with your survey, which is optional. Surveys may be completed anonymously and will be available until July 31.

“Water matters to us all. Help impact Noblesville’s future water quality plans by participating today,” Stottlemyer said.

For more information or questions, contact Tim Stottlemyer at 770-5132.