Background Investigation

During this portion of the Selection Process, a thorough check is conducted of the applicant's criminal record, driving record, credit history, employment and education history, and general background with respect to references and others who can verify that your conduct is consistent with position requirements.

You will be assigned a background investigator from the department who will contact you by telephone to schedule a meeting. The meeting will normally be at the Noblesville Police Department. The background investigator will use this opportunity to introduce himself/herself to you and to explain the background investigation process.


During this time, you will be asked a series of questions derived from the Personal History Questionnaire. It is imperative that you are completely upfront and honest with your assigned investigator during this and any other attempt that he/she makes to ascertain information from you. Any attempts of concealing, hindering, interfering, or otherwise providing false or inaccurate information during this portion of the selection process could be cause for disqualification.



During the Personal History Questionnaire interview, you will be asked to discuss your personal history in the areas of credit, theft, illegal drug use, convictions, arrests, criminal activity, job history, alcohol consumption, discipline and general integrity.

The department has highly-trained, licensed polygraph examiners. The results of all examinations will be regularly monitored to ensure the polygraph procedures are fair, impartial, and that all applicants are given adequate opportunity to resolve areas of deception through every reasonable means.



At this point of the selection process, you will have been given a conditional offer of employment. The Psychological Examination will be administered by the Institute of Public Safety Personnel (IPSP). The examination site is located at 251 E. Ohio Street, Suite 100, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204.



All applicants will be scheduled for a complete physical/medical examination and drug-screen test by a certified physician appointed by the city. This rigid examination is to determine whether an applicant is able to perform the tasks required of a police officer. Vision and hearing will be checked at this time to ensure compliance requirements.