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11/25/2020 unknown City Partners with J.C. Hart, Republic to Propose $47M Transformational Riverfront Mixed-Use Development 195   Details icon
11/23/2020 unknown Lights Over Seminary To Transform Noblesville Park Starting Monday 203   Details icon
11/20/2020 unknown Home for the Holidays Tour to Replace Christmas Parade, Santa Hours 899   Details icon
11/20/2020 pdf INDOT Screening Memo Showing All Routes Evaluated 66 25,968 KB Details icon
11/13/2020 unknown Noblesville Announces New Public Meeting Safety Measures 452   Details icon
11/06/2020 unknown Noblesville Announces New 'Holidays at the Hill' Event 549   Details icon
11/04/2020 unknown Noblesville Fire Department Accepting Donations For Christmas Food & Toy Drive 394   Details icon
10/28/2020 unknown 2021 Budget Summary Documents 194   Details icon
10/02/2020 unknown Noblesville Announces Trick-or-Treat Hours, Recommendations for Halloween 2554   Details icon
09/30/2020 unknown Common Council Approves Flat Budget for 2021 4823   Details icon
09/11/2020 unknown Noblesville Adding Residential Living, Commercial Space to Downtown 502   Details icon
08/27/2020 unknown Indiana Tech becomes an approved education provider for Indiana’s Workforce Ready Grant 801   Details icon
08/27/2020 unknown Two Noblesville companies, Universal Blower and Metro Plastics, are awarded Manufacturing Readiness Grant 162   Details icon
08/12/2020 unknown Mayor Jensen Unveils City Budget with No Fiscal Increase for 2021 500   Details icon
08/12/2020 unknown Free Employer Training Reimbursement Program Webinar on August 18 438   Details icon
07/28/2020 unknown Ad for Bid & Planholders: Greenfield Avenue Culvert Over Lehr Ditch (EN-297) 1640   Details icon
07/28/2020 pdf BID TAB: Olio Road and 146th Street Improvements (EN-292) 1206 232 KB Details icon
07/14/2020 unknown Ad for Bid: Olio Road and 146th Street Improvements (EN-292) 1590   Details icon
07/13/2020 pdf Portable Treatment Plan 251 361 KB Details icon
07/13/2020 pdf 5 things you should know about stress 244 190 KB Details icon
07/13/2020 pdf Hamilton County Food Pantries List 280 347 KB Details icon
07/13/2020 pdf Crisis 911 checklist 203 467 KB Details icon
07/13/2020 pdf NAMI Crisis booklet 241 4,014 KB Details icon
07/08/2020 unknown Fast Growing Company Announces Plans to Expand in Noblesville 520   Details icon
07/01/2020 unknown Noblesville Unveils Banner Art Gallery 461   Details icon
Documents 1-25 of 1,066