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01/16/2020 unknown Noblesville Parks’ Spring Break Day Camp Registration Open 73   Details icon
12/19/2019 unknown Noblesville Extends Hours At Federal Hill Commons’ Ice Plaza, Continues Winter Activities 414   Details icon
12/18/2019 pdf December 11th Park Board Meeting 2019 48 2,337 KB Details icon
12/17/2019 pdf Park Board Meeting Guidelines 30 72 KB Details icon
12/05/2019 unknown Santa’s Hours At Federal Hill Commons’ Christmas Cottage Begin Saturday 241   Details icon
12/04/2019 pdf November 6th Board Meeting 2019 65 4,335 KB Details icon
11/13/2019 unknown Noblesville’s Ice Plaza at Federal Hill Commons Opens Saturday, Nov. 23 756   Details icon
11/04/2019 unknown Noblesville Opens Riverwalk Trail Extension To Southside Park 373   Details icon
10/29/2019 unknown Noblesville Opens Midland Trace Trail Phase III 817   Details icon
10/25/2019 pdf October 2nd Board Meeting 92 3,909 KB Details icon
10/24/2019 unknown Noblesville Ice Plaza Looking For Seasonal Workers 458   Details icon
10/11/2019 unknown New Noblesville Parks Programs and Events Beginning In Late October 413   Details icon
09/27/2019 unknown Family Halloween Party Invites Businesses To Participate, Announces Online Costume Contest 618   Details icon
09/23/2019 unknown Noblesville To Unveil Life-Size Replicas of Nation’s Founding Documents Saturday 716   Details icon
09/19/2019 unknown Noblesville Parks to Offer Two Weeks of Fall Break Day Camp 263   Details icon
09/17/2019 pdf Sept 11 Park Board Meeting 77 5,177 KB Details icon
09/16/2019 unknown Noblesville Parks Announces Pickleball Drop-In Gym Hours to begin Monday 442   Details icon
09/10/2019 unknown Noblesville, Hamilton County Open Levee Trail 608   Details icon
09/06/2019 unknown Seats Available for Remaining Park’s Department Bus Trips to Nashville, Chicago 401   Details icon
09/05/2019 unknown Mayor’s Youth Council Places Free Little Libraries in Noblesville Parks 325   Details icon
08/23/2019 unknown Hamilton County To Receive Life-Size Replicas of Nation’s Founding Documents 359   Details icon
08/22/2019 pdf August 22nd Park Board 2019 75 5,960 KB Details icon
08/12/2019 pdf After School with Parks! 228 672 KB Details icon
08/02/2019 unknown Family Campout To Be Held Overnight August 16 At Noblesville’s Forest Park 509   Details icon
07/11/2019 pdf July 10th Park Board Minutes 113 4,768 KB Details icon
Documents 1-25 of 313