NPD Citizen Satisfaction Survey Form

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Noblesville Police Department
Citizen Satisfaction Survey
The Noblesville Police Department is requesting your assistance in the completion of this survey. The survey is intended to measure our effectiveness and to find ways in which to better improve our delivery of police services to our community. Your name is not required however there may be additional questions that we would like to ask of you to better understand.
The Noblesville Police Department services the jurisdictrion of the City of Noblesville. Our officers drive blue police vehicles that have silver and blue decals on the sides of the vehicles. Our officers wear navy blue uniforms that have a black stripe down the side of their pants.
Please answer the survey questions as they relate to officers of the Noblesville Police Department only. Thank you.

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1. Under what circumstance have you had contact with a Noblesville Police Department officer or civilian employee in the past three (3) years?:

(Check all that apply) 

2. Please rate the attributes of police officer(s) and civilian employee(s) with whom you have had contact:


3. If the Noblesville Police Department assisted you in the last three (3) years, please rate your satisfaction.


4. If you were not satisfied with the way that the police officer responded, please indicate the reason.


5. How do you feel about the safety and security of the City of Noblesville?:


6. Do you feel your neighborhood is more safe, about as safe, or less safe than any other neighborhood in Noblesville?:

Check one: 

7. How often do you see a Noblesville Police Officer in your neighborhood?:


8. For each question below, select which best reflects your neighborhood concerns.

Drugs are easy to obtain: 
Children are involved in drugs: 
Homes are broken into when no one is home: 
People are threatened or assualted: 
Vehicles are broken into or vandalized: 
People disregard the traffic laws. 

9. The following is a list of community programs offered by the Noblesville Police Department.

Check all with which you are familiar: 

10. How would you rate the Noblesville Police Department in each of the following areas?

Select a letter grade for each of the following areas. "A is excellent"
Visibility in the Community: 
Officer attitude and behavior towards citizens: 
Educational programs for the community: 
Current with professional law enforcement practices: 
Leadership of the Police Department: 
Responsiveness to problems: 
Responsiveness to Emergencies: 

11. Your suggestions are always appreciated. Please comment on anything that you feel will help us serve you better in the future:


This form can be submitted anonymously, however, if you would like to be contacted by a department representative, please submit the following: