Fire Investigations

Division Chief of Planning
Division Chief Todd Estes
Division Chief Todd Estes

"Constantly striving to serve the community through competent, thorough investigation and the apprehension and unveiling prosecution
of person(s) who commit the crime of arson."

Deer Chase Fire

Fire investigations play an important role in prevention of fires through the determination of flawed designs that cause the ignition of fires and explosions and through the apprehension of person(s) guilty in the intentionally damaging of property by fire or explosion. 

When a fire or explosion occurs, suppression officers are the first to start the investigation of the origin and cause of the incident. Noblesville Fire Department Investigators begin the task necessary to determine its origins and cause. Investigators work with other city, county, state, and federal investigators.

If you need to get a copy of a National Fire Incident Report System (NFIRS) or for more information on an investigation, please contact the Investigation Division at 317-776-6336 ext. 1415. You will need the following information when you call: date of loss, street address, name of owner, type of fire (i.e. structure, vehicle, etc.). For insurance companies, please fax your request on company letterhead to 317-776-6376.