Long Term Control Plan

Nov. 27, 2017 - The manhole has been set at 12th and Wayne streets. A base and binder layer of asphalt has been placed on Wayne between 11th and 12th streets. Asphalt has been brought up to the surface in various locations including 10th and Wayne streets and crews are still working on areas for that. The 36-inch pipe has been installed on Wayne from 11th Street up to 12th Street and crews will be heading south on 12th this week. The second crew will be working in the intersection of Monument and 12th streets and there will be traffic restrictions there. The water company, separate from our project and crews, is replacing a water main on 12th Street.

Nov. 17, 2017 - Weather was a major factor this week because of the asphalt requirements. It was determined that the milling and (top) finish coat of asphalt is not going to get completed until spring. With this news, the city has required that all street cuts be filled to the surface, so the streets could be plowed during the winter. When the weather breaks this spring, we will mill and apply the finish coat of asphalt in all affected areas. The main crew working on Wayne Street is about mid-block between 12th and 11th streets and laying the 36-inch storm sewer east towards 12th.

Nov. 9, 2017 - The storm water cleaning unit was installed at 8th and Wayne streets and that crew is back at 11th and Wayne streets installing 36-inch pipe. Work continues on the rain garden at 10th and Wayne streets. Except for the northeast corner of 16th and Monument streets, where one inlet is left to install, all of Line F pipe is installed. A section of asphalt is being placed on Monument from 17th Street heading west. Remaining asphalt will be finished next week on Monument between 16th and 17th after that last inlet is completed. That crew will be moving to 12th Street between Grant and Monument installing storm sewer.

Nov. 3, 2017 - Atlas stopped laying the 36-inch storm pipe between 10th and 11th streets on Wayne Street. They returned to 8th and Wayne streets where Vectren finished their relocation of the gas main. The pit they dug out for the new storm water cleaning unit was approximately 20-by-20-feet and 22-feet deep. The storm water cleaning unit arrived in four sections on four different semi-trailers. Each section weighed 34,000, 40,500, 37,500 and 17,500 pounds. Because of overhead clearance problems power had to be disconnected to two homes before the crane could set the sections in place. The manufacturer will be assembling the internal components this coming week and Atlas will be completing the storm pipe connections to the unit. The second Atlas crew laid a new lateral down 9th Street for two private laterals we had to relocate, and continued with concrete work for curbs and sidewalk.

The third Atlas crew completed the storm sewer installation at James and Harrison streets before moving to 16th and Monument streets for storm sewer work. They also will be laying a new storm sewer east down Monument to 17th Street to pick up the storm inlets in that intersection. This will be a busy area for the next two weeks. We are hoping to get asphalt crews in within the next two weeks to mill and apply the top coat of asphalt at all the main intersections and streets that have been disturbed.

Oct. 23, 2017 - Crews continued laying pipe down Wayne Street, east of 10th Street. Asphalt has been installed on Wayne Street from the alley between 9th and 10th streets and over 10th Street. Asphalt also has been installed on 15th Street between Grant and Monument streets. Weather permitting, this week the hope is to lay more pipe on Wayne Street east of 10th Street, run a new lateral at 9th and Wayne streets, and install inlets at 10th and Wayne streets.

Oct. 13, 2017 - On Thursday, the contractor had to close the road at 10th and Wayne streets because the ground was unstable. Even with the use of steel plates, it was not deemed safe for vehicular traffic, especially larger sized vehicles. The reason for this was the utility relocate work that had taken place in preparation for our work. Once the contractor was able to move far enough out of the 10th Street intersection, it was opened up to vehicular traffic later that afternoon. The contractor has laid the main storm pipe into the east side of the 10th Street intersection. A storm manhole has also been installed on the east side of 10th at Wayne Street. A sub base and a layer of asphalt has been installed in the 900 block of Wayne Street. A second crew is finishing up at the 1500 block between Grant and Monument installing storm inlets.

Oct. 6, 2017 - The storm sewer has been installed in the 800 block of Wayne St. The stormwater cleaning unit could not be installed until Vectren relocated a 4-inch gas main that sits within the footprint of the stormwater unit. This should be complete early next week. Storm inlets are have been installed at the corners of Wayne and 9th streets. The contractor hopes to cross 10th Street early next week and install the new storm lines to each corner of the intersection. When the 10th and Wayne streets intersection can safely sustain normal traffic flows and the inlets and pipes have been installed, they will move back to 8th and Wayne to install the new stormwater unit and lateral near 9th and Wayne.

A second crew has completed the storm sewer and inlet installations at 18th and Harrison streets and James and Harrison streets. They are now working on the section between Monument and Grant on 15th Street. At our request, they are pulling off of this location temporarily for the next two weeks to complete the storm sewer work in the 16th and Monument streets intersection. We requested this because this is a good opportunity to do this work while school is out for fall break. This is a very busy intersection with the school buses and student vehicles. We have also coordinated with the cemetery for funeral access. As expected there will be steel plates over any excavated locations to keep traffic access as normal as possible. A third crew is doing clean up and installing concrete sidewalks and curb where needed. The paving is complete on the north end and a crew will be doing clean-up and seeding in areas that need restored.

9-22 Update
Sept. 22, 2017 - The westbound lane of Wayne St has been excavated, 36-inch mainline storm sewer has been installed and asphalt has been replaced between 8th and 9th streets. Storm inlets are being installed at the corners of Wayne on the west side of 9th Street today, the east side inlets of the intersection will be installed next week and continuing on with the mainline sewer. Street saw cutting has been performed on Wayne all the way to 12th Street. A second crew is working on Harrison street and has started excavating on the south side of Harrison at James Drive and North 18th St. There will be steel plates over the excavation sites on the south side of Harrison and the west side of 9th Street for the weekend to maintain traffic flow.

Sept. 18, 2017 - Our trucking contractor has had issues with their hauler and two deliveries of wrong materials were returned. The Wayne Street segment of Line A was saw cut all the way to 12th Street. The north end segment, line H, is scheduled to be paved in around two weeks. Atlas will have a second crew working on line segments K and G mid-week.

Sept. 11, 2017 - Atlas began mobilizing equipment to 8th and Wayne streets. On North 10th Street, all sewers are in the ground, all lanes are open for traffic, but we still have barricades to slow traffic down because there are steel plates over the road cuts to allow concrete curing time. Atlas is making preparations with the asphalt contractor for paving of Center Drive and North 10th and any effected intersections. Atlas also will be restoring any yards that were disturbed during construction of this north sewer within the next week or two. This week they will be doing the saw cuts on Wayne Street between 8th and 9th streets and excavating in preparation of the storm water cleaning unit.

Sept. 1, 2017 - On North 10th Street, the main trunk of the storm sewer has been installed to Roosevelt Drive and the lanes of traffic have been shifted to the west side of 10th Street.  The contractor (Atlas Excavating) has begun connecting the inlets and new manhole on the east side of the intersection of Roosevelt. Indiana American Water will be working at the intersection of North Street and 10th Street today and maybe Saturday to fix a few problems that were found on their system during our project.  Noblesville Utilities will then come in behind them next week completing the North Street intersection the first couple days next week. The city will begin making preparations for the next section beginning at 8th and Wayne streets next week.  

Aug. 18, 2017 - In the intersection of 10th and North streets, the contractor dealt with a few problems this week but nothing they couldn’t overcome. Despite the delays and interruptions it was a good week. The new storm sewer has been installed from the new manhole at the North & 10th Street intersection, north to the entrance of Cana Apartments. The traffic control worked out well getting trucks in and out and allowing vehicular passage using one lane. Each evening, the barrels were set to allow two way traffic by utilizing steel plates over the road cuts.

Aug. 11, 2017 - Curb inlet at North Street and Center Drive on north side of the intersection was replaced with a new one and piping was installed to manhole. Worked on compaction of backfill in preparation of asphalt. Center Drive was built up with base and intermediate asphalt layers to within 1 to 1.5 inches of the surface. There are two old water mains that have to be crossed, a manhole installed with two curb inlets and all the connecting piping in the intersection of 10th and North streets. 

8-04 a
Aug. 4, 2017 - Excavation began the week of July 17th at Evans Avenue and Center Drive where a manhole structure was set over the existing storm sewer. To date, there has been installation of 440 feet of 24-inch reinforced concrete pipe (RCP), 32 feet of 12-inch RCP, three storm structures and two catch basins. The project has experienced delays from a 2-inch gas main being hit during excavation, some rainy weather, and lack of ability to dump spoils from the landfill being shut down. By mid next week we will be in the middle of the intersection of North and 10th streets. There will be traffic restrictions while working in this intersection. There also will be traffic restrictions as we lay the storm pipe up the south bound lane of 10th Street going north to Roosevelt. The contractor will be putting door hangers on doors and speaking to residents in advance to keep them informed as we approach their area. Despite the delays mentioned, so far the progress of the project has been coming along well.  
8-04 B

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