Support Division

 Captain Brad Arnold

Led by Captain Brad Arnold, Division Commander, the support division includes three lieutenants and three sergeants.  The Support Division is responsible for all services not covered in the patrol and investigations divisions. 

Public Information and Recruiting

Our public information officer is responsible for media relations, recruitment and hiring, public information, the citizen academy, and student internships.  Lt. Bruce Barnes may be contacted by calling (317) 776-6340 or by e-mailing


The accreditation officer is responsible for maintaining our accreditation with CALEA, the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc.  The Noblesville Police Department received its initial accreditation in 2015.  As an agency, we must re-accredit every three years to maintain our participation in the program.  Lt. Curt Kinman, accreditation officer, may be contacted by calling (317) 776-6340 or by e-mailing


Our training coordinator is responsible for ensuring that our 80+ officers meet or exceed state training requirements by attending the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy as well as yearly training mandated by the State of Indiana.  The training officer also coordinates classes hosted by the Noblesville Police Department in our training center.  Officers who have specific job tasks or respond to specialized types of incidents receive specific training in their particular area and typically require task-specific training.  The training officer ensures that all members of the Noblesville Police Department receive training that meets or exceeds the standards required by all boards, commissions, associations, and certifications that department members hold.

Fleet and Equipment

Our fleet and equipment manager is responsible for the purchase, issuance, maintenance, and disposal of all vehicles and equipment used by members of the Noblesville Police Department.  Other than salaries, equipment and vehicles are the biggest expense for the department, and maintaining the fleet with reliable vehicles and ensuring that officers have dependable, modern, mission-appropriate equipment that fits within our budget is a big responsibility. 

Parking Enforcement

Our parking enforcement officer is responsible for enforcing the parking ordinances for the City of Noblesville.  The parking enforcement officer patrols the central business district and issues parking tickets for violations in areas that are regulated by signs or parking meters. 

School Resource Officers

Our school resource officers (SROs) are assigned to all schools in the Noblesville Schools district.  All school resource officers are members of the National Association of School Resource Officers.  The district's high school, two middle schools, seven public elementary schools, all private schools, cooperative schools, and all charter schools in the city are under the jurisdiction of the school resource officers.  These officers are also advisors for the Noblesville Police Explorer Post, teach Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) classes, help prepare safety plans for schools, are at the schools on a daily basis, respond to criminal issues in the schools, and at athletic events and social events sponsored by the schools and are also asked to talk to classes about law enforcement related topics.   Sgt. Andrew Reiss oversees the School Resource Officers and can be reached at (317) 773-4680 or by e-mail at

Community Outreach

Our community outreach coordinator is responsible for the department’s efforts to communicate with the businesses and residents of Noblesville, coordinating efforts to reduce crime and increase the quality of life of residents and visitors.  The Noblesville Police Department is active on social media with accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Next Door.  Our Crime Watch Program encourages neighbors in many city neighborhoods to look out for one another and to contact NPD when they see suspicious activity, regardless of whether it ends up being a criminal act or not.  Our Coffee with a Cop program allows NPD officers to meet residents in an informal setting to discuss issues that are currently important to residents.  Our reoccurring, rotating events help us reach people we might not interact with except for our mutual desire for coffee.

Special Events

Our community outreach coordinator is also responsible for organizing and staffing events held by the City of Noblesville, the Noblesville Police Department, or any other organization where a police presence or a large number of attendees are expected.  Annual special events include the 4th of July parade and festival, the Noblesville Street Dance, the National Night Out, the Noblesville High School Homecoming parade, and the Christmas Parade etc.  Sgt. Matt McGovern can be reached at (317) 776-6340 or by e-mail at

Criminal Analysis Unit

Responsible for supporting the patrol and criminal investigations divisions by providing analysis of data obtained from our records management system, other police agencies, federal agencies, tips, and other information, Intelligence Officer Corey McGriff and Crime Analyst Jessica Stewart can be reached at (317) 776-6340 or by e-mail at or  If you'd like to leave a tip, please complete this form.

Community Service Officers

These civilian officers assist citizens and visitors  with disabled vehicles, parking issues outside the central business district, animal complaints, vehicle lockouts, and traffic direction at crash scenes and other areas of traffic disruption.  Officer Ron Louks and Officer Terry Dickerson may be reached at (317) 776-6340. 

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