Current Planning & Zoning

The Planning Department's current planning section is committed to serving the public regarding regulation of land use and development in accordance with City code and applicable laws. Staff assists and provides recommendations on annexation, rezoning & subdivision of land, variances, site plans, temporary use permits, proposed architecture for new buildings and additions, building permits, and minor amendments to approved projects.

Permits & Inspections

Building permits and inspections of work conducted are required for certain levels of new construction and renovation. The mission of the Building division of the Department of Planning and Development is to administer the Uniform Statewide Building Code and associated laws and ordinances of the State of Indiana in a courteous, responsive, and professional manner in order to contribute to the health, safety, and welfare of the community.

Unified Development Ordinance

The Unified Development Ordinance, or UDO as it is commonly referred, is used to address development regulations and to provide for their administration, enforcement, and amendment. It consists of 15 Articles including information from zoning regulations to landscaping to signage. You can access the online version of this document here.

Adopted Planned Development Ordinances

A Planned Development (also referred to as a PD or a PUD) is a large-scaled unified development consisting of a parcel or parcels of land, controlled by a single owner to be developed as a single entity. Because Planned Developments require special approval from Plan Commission and City Council they most often have their own set of regulations. You can view an 'under construction' page of some of those PD ordinances here.


Current Land Use Inventory & Future Land Use Plan

The Land Use Inventory provides a building snapshot of current land uses conditions and development patterns that are found within the community. For the purposes of this study, the boundaries were considered to be the planning jurisdiction as of 12/31/2012. Collection of the data occurred over the course of 2012 and was incorporated in the 2020 Noblesville Comprehensive Plan in order to assess the impact of development on built and natural spaces.

The Future Land Use Plan is a geographic translation of the vision, goals, and objectives that were formed in the PLANoblesville Comprehensive Plan.  It was created through examination of existing land use patterns, zoning, stakeholder input, and discussions with city staff. The Future Land Use Plan should not be confused with zoning. While land use and zoning are related, they serve separate functions. Land use describes the activity that occurs on the land, while zoning regulates character, building size, density, and other development standards of that land use activity.