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Nature Programs

Nature Photography: On the Go! (Ages 11+)

Explore ways to capture the best nature photos using the most common piece of technology -- a cell phone camera. This class will teach standard photographing techniques as well as develop a familiarity with cell phone camera settings and social media applications (Snapchat, Instagram, i.e), while bringing you out on the trail to try them all for yourself. Feel free to pack a lunch, no food provided.  Register Here

Location: Meet at Forest Park Lodge Basement



April 28  Cost: $15/$18nr

Nature Sketch (Ages 11+)

Perfect drawing from life with art focused nature hikes. Each hike will focus on unique sketching and drawing techniques and include different plants and landscapes as subjects. Our specialist will walk you through what you are seeing as well as how to capture it. Locations vary from week to week.  Register Here 

Location: Forest Park Lodge Basement



April 10-May 1  Cost: $40/$46nr

Myths & Legends of Nature (Ages 4-9)

Traveling back in time through stories, crafts and activities to explore the magical wonders in nature.  Register Here 

Location: Forest Park Lodge Basement



May 9-30  Cost: $40/$46nr

Legends & Folklore of Nature (Ages 11+)

From the nymphs and satyrs of Greek Legend to the Mayan's Pachamama, people across the world developed stories to help understand the complex forces of nature. Learn and again a respect about how cultures from all over the world have interpreted nature and natural events thru myths and legends.  Register Here 

Location: Forest Park Lodge Basement



May 9-30  Cost: $25/$29nr